What is the difference between RGB baselit & neopixel sabers

Neopixel and RGB Baselit, what's the deal?

Many lightsaber fans wonder what the difference is between a Neopixel lightsaber and an RGB baselit lightsaber.

It's about time to explain the difference between RGB and Neopixel soundboards and to clearly list the different functions. So that you can make a good choice.

Verschil Neopixel en RGB zwaardblad

Premium RGB Baselit Lightsabers

Each KenJo Saber is basically equipped with an extra strong 12 Watt RGB LED lamp and comes with a reinforced polycarbonate sword blade. The lamp is located under or in the emitter. The emitter is the upper part of the handle. This lamp shines through the hollow light transmitting sword blade from bottom to top. The sword blade is coated on the inside with light amplifying film. Also, the tip also contains special reflector layer. This jointly ensures a good even distribution of light over the entire sword blade.

The blade of an RGB Baselit lightsaber is therefore very light. Lighter than a Neopixel variant and therefore the RGB baselit lightsaber is even better suited for realistic dueling.

Premium RGB baselit lightsabers offer the possibility to choose from different colors and are equipped with an extra bright 12 Watt bulb. This can be done with 10 preset colors or by slowly changing colors. In this way every color imaginable is available. In addition, the lightsaber has no less than 10 different sound types with different volumes and a silent mode.

Each RGB Baselit lightsaber has the following features

  • 10 sound types
  • 11 colors
  • Smooth swing
  • Effects (flash on clash, blade lock, blaster deflect)
  • Three volume settings (mute, soft, loud)

Neopixel Lightsabers

For those who want to get that little extra out of their lightsaber, the Neopixel variant is a good choice. The Neopixel lightsaber is lit in a different way than the standard RGB baselit versions. In Neopixel lightsabers, a 40 watt led strip is incorporated into the sword blade. Thanks to this LED strip, the entire blade is evenly lit and not just from the bottom of the blade as is the case with an RGB baselit model. The light intensity of the Neopixels is a lot brighter. Also, the colors come out better.

Verschil in lichtsterkte tussen RGB en Neopixel

Because the LED strip is processed through the entire sword blade, this offers the possibility of more realistic functions. One of these functions becomes quickly clear when the sword blade is lit. The sword blade will light up from bottom to top, making it seem as if the lightsaber really slides out.

Because the LED strip is processed through the entire blade, it is heavier compared to the Premium RGB lightsabers. Also, because of the sensitivity of the LED strip, the blade can break when struck too hard or when dueling. Therefore, we recommend not hitting or dueling at full power with the Neopixel lightsabers.

Different varieties of Neopixel

KenJo Sabers currently offers three different Neopixel variants:

- Standard Neopixel

- Premium Neopixel

- Proffie 2.2 Neopixel

Standard Neopixel

The Standard Neopixel works almost identically to an RGB Baselit saber. It is equipped with 16 different presets. Each preset is a combination of a color, sound type and blade style. In addition, it has smooth swing and effects (flash on clash, blade lock, blaster deflect).

The advantage of Standard Neopixel is the sword blade. As described above, it is equipped with a 40 watt LED strip.

Standard neopixel sabers have only two sound modes. Mute and sound on.

A Standard Neopixel does not include an SD card. It is not possible to change on start up styles, blade styles or sound types.

Premium Neopixel

Where the Standard Neopixel variant gives a more realistic look by upgrading the sword blade, the Premium Neopixel soundboard offers many more options and upgrades. This is because it has a Xenopixel soundboard.

First, compared to the RGB Baselit and Standard Neopixel, the Premium Neopixel has a better sensor and chips. As a result, the smooth swing function is many times better and the sound responds significantly more realistically to movement. Also, the sensitivity of the sensor is relatively easy to adjust through the computer.

The improved electronics in a Premium Neopixel lightsaber also make it possible to control the lightsaber with motion instead of just a button. The lightsaber can be turned on and off, change colors, play music, and change sound types with movement.

The Premium Neopixel soundboard has five different blade styles. This offers the possibility to turn on the lightsaber in different styles. The five blade styles are as follows:

  • Pulse, the blade has a slow pulsating light effect
  • Steady, the blade burns evenly
  • Unstable, the sword blade pulsates
  • Flame, the blade lights up continuously from bottom to top
  • Rainbow: the blade has all colors at the same time.

In addition to the different blade styles, you can also choose between eight different ways the sword turns on, such as the well-known classic style, a violently pulsing startup sequence, slow fill and the ghost blade. Ghostblade is a mode in which the light extinguishes slowly and comes back on brighter based on movement. But also fun variants such as the blaster blade, where it seems like a laser shoots out of the sword.

In the video below, the different start-up styles are shown.

The Premium Neopixel soundboard is equipped with a 16GB SD card. On this card there are over 40 different sound types! The SD card can be removed allowing even more sounds to be loaded. In addition to the sound types, this soundboard is also capable of playing music. There is already background music on it, this can also be adjusted via the SD card to your liking.

Last but certainly not least, the Premium Neopixel offers more effects than the RGB Baselit and the Standard Neopixel including:

  • Blaster deflect precision
  • Melt / Tip drag
  • Blade lock precision

All in all, this makes the Premium Neopixel variant the most realistic, versatile and plug and play lightsaber which requires no technical knowledge.

Proffie 2.2

For the true lightsaber connoisseur who wants to fully customize all functions on the lightsaber, we have the Proffie 2.2 Neopixel soundboard. This soundboard is fully customizable. On various forums you can find and download countless startup effects, blade styles and sound and light effects. Those who are really handy can even record their own sounds and develop effects. Please note that because the Proffie 2.2 soundboard is fully customizable it requires a bit more time, your own research and computer skills to master. On various forums and Youtube are plenty of tutorials.


We have summarized the differences below:

KenJo Sabers Lightsaber soundboard types different soundboards baselit vs neopixel ghv3 proffie

If there are any questions or ambiguities please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yoda and Grivous fighting over the KenJo Sabers Silverlight

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find links to online manuals and instructional videos for your saber.

RGB Baselit Manual 1 (hyperlink)

Silverlight, Dawnbreaker, Discipulis, Eclipse, Trinity, Masamune, Resolute, Guardian,

RGB Baselit Manual 2 (hyperlink)

Menace, Elegance, Kyberfighter, Lunar, Knighthood, all legendary sabers

Standard neopixel Manual (hyperlink)

If you have chosen a saber with a standard neopixel soundboard then regardless of which saber it is you will find the instructions here.

Premium Neopixel Manual (hyperlink)

Have you chosen a saber with a premium neopixel soundboard then you will find independent of which saber it is here the instructions.

Proffi Manual (hyperlink)

Have you chosen a saber with a Proffi 2.2 soundboard then you will find independent of which saber it is here the instructions.

If you have problems with your KenJo Saber we would like to solve it for you. On the troubleshoot page we answer the most frequently asked questions or common complications with corresponding solutions. We recommend that you review this troubleshoot page first. Does this not solve the problem? Please contact us by chat or email. Always mention your order number so we can take a quick look.

Base lit models feature a bright 12 watt bulb in the handle. This shines into the sword and causes the lightsaber to light up.

Neopixel and Proffie have a sword which is equipped with a double-sided LED strip along the entire length of the inside. This ensures that the light is much brighter than a base lit variant and also offers more lighting effect possibilities.

All soundboard types come with preset sounds and colors. The proffie variant comes with a 16GB SD card. On various forums you can find many sound effects and light effects to upload.

Below is an overview of the different soundboards offered by KenJo Sabers.

For a more detailed explanation of the various functions, we recommend reading this page first,

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The operation of your saber varies by soundboard type and in some cases also minimally between certain models. On this page you can find the appropriate manual based on your saber or soundboard type. In many cases the explanation is extended with video for extra explanation and demonstration. https://kenjosabers.nl/pages/handleiding-kenjo-sabers

Remove the black or clear cap from the flat side of the saber. Then carefully slide the blade/sword or plug into the handle until it meets the bulb. With a neopixel model, it is important that the pins are pushed down sufficiently. Make sure that the Allen screws do not block the blade on the inside of the handle. Then use the supplied Allen screws and Allen wrench to tighten the blade firmly into the handle. Also watch the instructional video on the troubleshoot page here

You bet! All of our swords are made of durable polycarbonate developed for lightsaber versus lightsaber duels. Always use common sense and be careful. We recommend wearing protective clothing and making sure you have enough space so there is no damage to the environment or other people.

Please note that RGB base lit lightsabers are best suited for dueling. Other soundboard type lightsabers have an LED strip in the sword which makes them heavier and more fragile. These models can also be dueled with, but we recommend soft to medium dueling to avoid damage.

KenJo Sabers come standard with 12 different preset colors. The colors can be easily changed by using the button on the lightsaber. It is also possible to choose your own color by letting the lightsaber slowly change color. Exact instructions can be found in the manual which comes with each lightsaber. Some models have different colors of handles / hilts. On the product page you can see in which color a lightsaber is available. If the model you want is sold out, we do not have it in stock. Would you still like to buy it or do you have another wish? If so, please let us know. It is often possible to facilitate a saber specifically for you.

I have seen a lightsaber replica of a Star Wars character somewhere else. Or, I'm looking for a specific lightsaber.

Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version https://kenjosabers.nl/pages/handleiding-kenjo-sabers. Please note. Features may be added. If your saber has been around for a while, there may be more features described than your saber has.

Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version https://kenjosabers.nl/pages/handleiding-kenjo-sabers. Please note. Features may be added. Has your saber been around for a while? Then there may be more features described than your saber has. If you have a premium neopixel saber then you can update it yourself.

The USB flash drive has an input for a Micro SD card. This card is inside the Premium Neopixel board. It is possible to update the board this way.

Each lightsaber from KenJo Sabers comes with a manual. This contains all the instructions on how the lightsaber works! Online you can find the most recent version https://kenjosabers.nl/pages/handleiding-kenjo-sabers. The Proffie soundboard allows you to set your own effects, sound types and other effects. The possibilities are endless. Also check out https://therebelarmory.com/ for information and settings for your Proffie board. Please note that because the Proffie 2.2 soundboard is fully customizable it does require a bit more time, your own research and computer skills to master. Plenty of tutorials can be found on various forums and Youtube.

To create a dualsaber, you need two lightsabers that are designated "dualsaber ready" and a connector ring. To connect both sabers, unscrew the bottom of both lightsabers. The connector ring can now be connected to both lightsabers through the thread.

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